Wry Exchange

Maybe it knocked some sense in?
06-29-07, 6:43 pm
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Yesterday, my therapist said I exhibited ‘distorted thinking.’  I’d be offended, but she’s right.  I told her a party invitation was laying on the counter mocking me.  She pointed out invitations can’t talk, and said I had great reasons for attending the party.  I like parties once I’m actually there, but I dread them up until I arrive.  I concoct elaborate plans for staying  home, and make myself physically sick.

  cant-brain-oday.jpgI had to wait at a railroad crossing while walking the dogs last night.   When the pedestrian gate started going up, I ducked under to continue our walk.  As the arm goes up, the counterweight moves, too.  I forgot, and was a little too close. The arm hit my nape and ear.  I have a bruised lump on my nape, but didn’t lose my necklace or earring!  My head hit my shoulder, but I didn’t fall.  Of course, there were pedestrians and cars at the crossing, too.  We just kept walking.

I’m up to 19 pages of compressed emails for the horrible, unfair, racist international debacle.   How can you call volunteers for exchange students racist?  We deal with students from all over the world because we enjoy them.  Call me crazy, fugly, fat, old, anything but racist.   The students were all from the same continent.  They generally group themselves by language and country. 

Our Exchange Student will be returning home in 12 days.  His return will be hard on all 3 of us.  We knew what we were getting into, but the poor kid doesn’t yet.  We love him, and he loves us-I think. I hope.  It’s difficult to go from talking constantly to maybe weekly.  I’ve been storing up hugs.

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