Wry Exchange

Final Weekend
07-06-07, 10:31 pm
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Boy leaves early Wednesday.  We leave for the airport at 2:00am.  Husband can’t go to the airport with us, and no one else wants to go in the middle of the night.  Poor Boy has 4 flights to return home.  What are the chances of all flights being on time, and his luggage arriving with him?  We’ve had other students stuck in airports overnight this year.  That’s a problem because they all are overweight on their carry-ons.  They have laptops, Ipods, cell phones, chargers, cds, photos, cameras, yearkbooks, memory sticks, and anything else that’s irreplaceable with them. The airlines are typically generous with high school foreign exchange students.

His room looks like an American Eagle store on Black Friday.  That’s the way it usually looks, though.  Packing hasn’t begun.  Sorting into priority groups hasn’t begun.  4 days left; he thinks it’s lots of time.  I told him packing begins tonight with or without him. 

We’ve started the ‘Last Time’ parade;  the last time we’ll go to Target, to a party, to a bonfire, to McDonald’s, to the mall, etc.  So far, his farewells have been easy.

The dogs and I are continuing our daily walks.  We’re slowly going adding more blocks.  I try to find streets without dogs running loose.  It’s hard enough controlling 2-85 pound dogs, but if another dog comes after them, they’ll pull me to the ground.


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