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Host Family: Home, House, or Hotel?
07-09-07, 2:23 pm
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I’ve been writing about how Husband and I are going to miss the Boy, and we love him.  We have been volunteers and sometimes host parents for almost 20 years.  In that time, we’ve loved 4 students that we consider family. We’ve loved a few more students while they were here, but drifted apart once they returned to their home countries.  We’ve really liked most of them.  We’ve loved students who didn’t live with us, and we’ve disliked a few kids who stayed with us.  That’s for another post.    It’s much easier on us if Husband and I don’t care too much.  We enjoy the students, we care about them, but we try to keep some distance.   We aren’t typical host parents, either, since we are longtime volunteers.  We don’t host very often, it’s a conflict.  We should be treat all the students equally.

Many of the students try not to get too close with their new friends and families.   It’s an odd situation; you’re strangers one day, and an instant family the next.  It’s difficult to get through this year alone. 

 Some of the families prefer to keep their distance, too.  One hostmom enjoys hosting, but always keeps her students at arms length.  Her husband is much warmer with the students.   It’s personal preference, and chemistry.  I think most host families host for the first time looking for a new experience, and to meet someone from another country.  Repeat host families say they get more out of hosting than the student.   An exageration, but it’s easy to get hooked. 


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