Wry Exchange

End Chapter One
07-11-07, 8:12 pm
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Well, the good-bye went well.  The Boy was dignified and brave, and I dry-heaved so violently I wet myself.  

I told him about the blog, and let him read it.  His only comment was “Please don’t call me Boy, call me Sparky or something.”   Our Sparky is tall, athletic, and handsome.  

Sparky’s been travelling for 18 hours; he’ll be landing in his home city in 2 hours to a large, loving welcome.  They’ll comfort him.  He’s sad to be leaving, and thrilled to be going home.  Part of his heart is here in the states.  He knows to keep busy, and husband and I are going to follow our own advice.  

Update: I spoke too soon.  Sparky is stranded for the night.  At least he is in his home country.   He has a short flight in the morning assuming they fix the problem.   He can’t find his bags. He’s tired and frustrated.  At least he learned several new skills today for future air travel.

Update 2: 2:00pm Thursday, and he’s still stranded sans luggage.  At least he had a fully charged cellphone and Ipod, energy bars, and clean clothes with him.  Bet he missed a great ‘Welcome Home’ party.

Update 3:  It’s 9:00pm, and he’s HOME with his family.  The luggage was on a different flight, and was opened, but nothing appears missing.  Hurray!!!

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