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How to Pack a Year of Your Life into Suitcases
07-12-07, 11:37 pm
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Before Packing Kelty Pack Duffel - XL Duffels All Purpose Duffels

  • Go to your airline’s website for baggage guidelines.  Different carriers have different rules for different countries, and busy times of the year.   Weight allowances vary between airlines.  If you are flying more than one carrier, check all websites.
  • Decide if you can live with just 2 suitcases, or will you need more?
  • Decide what’s less expensive-2 Overweight suitcases or the penalty for a third bag.  Are you concerned more with weight or volume?
  • A  duffle bag like the one above from ebags.com weighs almost nothing.
  • Take photos of your luggage with your cellphone to show the airline’s baggage personnel if bags are lost

PackingeBags TSA-accepted 4-Dial Combo Lock (2pk) Travel Accessories Travel Locks

  • Toss a few business cards inside the suitcases in case the luggage tag is lost.
  • Spacebags are wonderful for condensing clothing, but they’re also great for fragile and liquid items packed in with the clothing.
  • Put a few plastic garbage bags inside in case Customs or Security go through your luggage, and you can’t repack quickly.  If your Spacebags expand, you won’t be able to repack at the airport.
  • Lock with TSA approved locks.

Carry ons and Personal ItemsKipling Isabel Laptop Bag Business Ladies' Business

  • Carry your winter coat over your arm.
  • Check baggage rules; a few airlines permit 2 carry ons, along with your personal item.
  • Everything irreplaceable goes with you in the cabin.
  • Pack a change of clothing, a few energy bars, and toiletries.  This seems a ridiculous waste of carry on space until the first time your luggage is lost or your flight is delayed.
  • Your carry on bag should be versatile enough to use for weekend getaways.

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