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One Month Until the New Exchange Students Arrive
07-14-07, 10:26 pm
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 I am overseeing 7 students this year.  Two students are going to another country, and 5 students arriving here.  The incoming students will arrive mid-August a few days before the students from here leave.   They should have 2 weeks to adjust to our culture before school begins.  It’s not a lot of time, but they’ll make progress.  They’ll get over jet lag, and get used to the food, water, and house rules.

 All of my incoming students are able to chat online with me.   Hurray!  A few students have arrived at the airport with no verbal English skills at all.  Ever try writing notes at 70mph? I hope they all have basic English.  They’ll learn if they don’t; we send students to other countries who don’t speak the language, too. Typically, the foreign students’ verbal English is stronger than their written English from watching US movies and television shows.

I’ve emailed the new exchange students ‘Welcome’ letters in English and in their languages.  I’ve written about their new towns, schools, weather, and what to bring with them.  They will ignore my advice.  They will buy new clothes before they come. The clothes probably aren’t the ‘right’ styles, and they won’t wear them all year.  They will waste space by bringing soap, OTC medicine, and towels.  They won’t bring photos of their families and homes to share, but will bring photos of their friends making faces at their going away parties.   They’ll forget their English dictionary, but will remember 100 CDs.   It’s the same every year, and I LOVE IT.


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Very Interesting.

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