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Host Family & Exchange Student First Night
07-15-07, 10:39 pm
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  •   First Night Questions for Student and Host Family  and my comments
    What do I call you?  Mom/Dad?  Jane/John?   Tia/Tio?  Mami/Papi ? I prefer my first name at the beginning. I think the student already has a mother, and it’s a title to be earned.  I have issues, though.

  • Home-What chores should I do daily?  Weekly? Some students have maids, nannies, and housekeepers.  If you want them to help around the house, please show them step by step. You’ll probably have to show them a few times.  What areas of the house are offlimits?  Where can I store my suitcases?  Will I have a house key? Do you lock the doors? May I have friends over if no adult is home?  Are boys/girls permitted in my bedroom? 
  • My room-Will I share a bedroom?  May I hang photos and posters on the walls? Should I change my own sheets?  May I rearrange my room?  May I invite friends up to my room?  Should I make my bed daily?  Do I have a bedtime on school nights or the weekends?  Do I have a time I have to be awake on weekends?   May I nap?  Many students are used to a nap after school.  The students will have headaches the first few weeks from speaking English, and need some ‘alone’ time.   Should I close my door in the daytime? While I’m sleeping? 
  • Bathroom-How do I use the shower?  When should I take a shower during the school year?  Where should I put my toiletries?  My towel?  Where are the clean towels kept?  May I use the bathroom toiletries, or should I buy my own?   
  • Laundry-Where should I put dirty clothing?  What is the laundry procedure?  Should I do my own laundry?  How often should I wear clothing before washing, including underwear, jeans, t-shirts?  
  • Religion-Does the family attend services regularly?   Should I attend with you?  I would/would not like to go to my own services.  Does the family say ‘Grace’ before meals?  I do/do not believe in God. 
  • Pets-What are the rules concerning the pets?  Food?  Water?  Sleeping? Walking? Letting them in or out when I leave? 
  • Meals and food– Are meals at a regular time daily?  What meals do we eat together as a family? What do I do to assist in the kitchen?  Set the table? Clear the table? Help wash the dishes?  Put the dishes away? Empty the garbage?  May I help myself to food and drink anytime, or must I ask first?  How do I know if I shouldn’t eat something in the fridge? Some students aren’t kitchen savvy, they may need to learn how to make even sandwiches.  Your student may also be used to sitting and chatting with the family after a meal.  Won’t they be surprised when no one eats together, and others are eating in the car?
  • Appliances/Electronics-How do I and may I use the microwave?  The stereo?  DVD?  Computer?  May I download music?  Are there specific times I may and may not use the computer?  Must I ask before using the phone? Most students will get their own cell phone to use during the year.  
  • Going out-What time is my curfew on school nights? On weekends?  What are the rules about calling and leaving notes? Should I call if I’m going to be more than 15 minutes late?  Students may be used to just leaving without telling anyone where they are going or with who.  Let them know it’s common courtesy here with adults as well as children.  What is my address and phone number?  How do I get to school?  Home?  The bank? 
  • Likes/Dislikes-Does my host family have any likes or dislikes?  Is there anything else I should know? 

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