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Can I be a Host Parent?
07-19-07, 10:45 pm
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Yes.  Well, probably.  Got any felony convictions?  Sacrifice goats in the basement?  No? Good.   Potential host families much complete a “Host Family Application”, and agree to a quick background check.  Host families must be interviewed in their home, and the home should be inspected.  (horror stories in a later post)

Host families may be a typical family with high school aged children, a family with small children, with an empty nest, without any children, single adult, unmarried adults living together, young, old, pretty much anyone.   Host families just need the desire to open their homes and hearts to a student from another country.   I don’t know of any non-profit exchange programs that pay host families for hosting, but you may deduct $50.00 per month off your federal income taxes.

We don’t have mandatory hosting in my program.  Other programs in the US and abroad practice mandatory hosting.  If their son or daughter goes out on exchange,  that family WILL host a student.  This doesn’t always work out well.  Too often, the hostparents bluntly tell their host son/daughter “The only reason you’re living here is because our child is on exchange.”   Some of these families won’t give the students a housekey, won’t take them anywhere with the family, won’t treat them like family, and make the students miserable.  These people begrudge each dollar they spend on the student, even for food and utilities.

I much prefer volunteer host families.  We host because it’s fun, and we enjoy the students.  If it doesn’t work out, the student can easily move to another family.   It’s much better than to be stuck with people who don’t want you.


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How would you claim them on your taxes? Is there some code?

Comment by kat

I put up a separate post about deductions. I’ve never seen a specific form from the IRS or my organization for the deduction. All that is needed is some type of proof you hosted the student. (I think; I am not a tax professional.)

Comment by Wry

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