Wry Exchange

What do you get for 28 years?
07-21-07, 11:29 am
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  • one spouse
  • 2 apartments, 1 rental house, and 1 home.  A 10 year kitchen remodel that’s still not quite finished.
  •  8 live-in exchange students, 2 other exchange students we’ve loved, and countless Fez’s we’ve enjoyed time with.
  •  7 dogs, 6 cats, and 1 insane gerbil.
  • 1 motorcycle, 1 motorcycle accident, 1 truck, 2 jeeps, and 9 cars.
  • 3 car wrecks, many fender benders, and countless tickets.  I believe the tickets were all mine.
  • 5 hospitalizations, 3 kidney stones, and one psychiatrist.
  • 2 tattoos, and one stint as a politician.
  • 1 minor stabbing. in the arm. with a fork. Hey, it was Thanksgiving with my parents.
  • Over a dozen trips to Europe and  South America, and visits to a dozen Caribbean islands.
  • and a lot of love. 

That’s 28 years of wedded bliss.


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