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Living Differences-in the Bathroom
07-25-07, 8:49 pm
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The new students will be arriving shortly.  To prevent surprises, assume that EVERYTHING is different in the USA for your new student.  Bathrooms can have huge differences.  Show your student how the shower and toilet works in your home.  Toilets look and work differently around the world.  Some cultures do not use toilet paper, they prefer to  cleanse with water.  Some countries sewage systems can’t handle toilet paper, and the tp goes into a small garbage can next to the toilet.   

Some countries don’t use large tank water heaters, instead they may use tankless systems.  Let the student know the hot water could run out if he is the last one in a family of 5 showering before school.  Discuss bathing habits with your student.  Tell the student where she may keep her towel.  Some students will bring towels with them.  They’ll feel uncomfortable sharing towels with the family, at least in the beginning.  Other students will shower twice a day, grabbing a fresh towel each time.

Another 90 miles in the car today, but all the 2019’s and forms are on their way to the students.  Hurray!


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