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Introducing This Year’s Students
07-29-07, 11:20 pm
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globe I’m responsible for students going to and from 2 South American countries this year.  It’s a big change from the last several years.  I had responsibility for my countries as well as all the inbound students.  Another person is the new inbound student coordinator.   Stepping back was the right thing to do, but I miss it dearly.  I devoted two to three hours daily to my program. On the other hand, I won’t be as boring at parties.  I typically talk about exchange students way too much. 
I will care for four students here in the states this year, and  2 others going to another country.  I have 3 additional students going out, but they apparently know everything, and don’t need me a bit. Meh.
I’ll be writing about these six students all year, so let’s give them names.

  • Outbound boy-Jon
  • Outbound girl-Jen
  • Inbound girl-Mia
  • Inbound boy-Ian
  • Inbound boy-Eli
  • Inbound boy-Che
  • Jon and Jen are both from my small town.  They are Sparky’s friends.  They  graduated high school this year, and are paying for their exchanges themselves. They are sweet kids, and I hope they have a wonderful year.  Jen wants to be a math teacher, and Jon will go into restaurant managment.   Jon will live with Sparky’s family, while Jen will live with Ian’s family. 
    We have 3 students coming from the other country.  Mia, Eli, and Che.  Che will be living in my town, Eli will be about an hour away, and Mia will be about 2 hours away.  She and I live on opposite corners of our area’s boundaries.  
    Che’s written English is fluent.  Mia’s is non-existent, Eli can type short sentences, and Ian can give one word answers.   Jen and Jon have decent Spanish skills. They’ve been trying hard to learn the slang, and pick up speed. 
    Edit: I changed Ann’s name to Jen.  No reason, it just goes better with Jon.

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    hmm, you sound like such a familiar person 😀 haha.

    really, i dont think its that the other outbounds think they dont need your help, well the girland the boy arent that big headed, theyre just intimidated by you, im not sure why, i think theyre just too nice haha, but then the other outbound, he really does think he knows everything, you know that after talking to him for like 2 minutes

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