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Introducing Mia, Ian, Eli, & Che
07-31-07, 10:22 pm
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The descriptions below are from their applications.  We’ll see how accurate they are later in the year.   I can’t wait to meet them.  Che, Ian, and Mia will be here August 12.  Poor Ian was at the US consulate today for his Visa interview, but his 2019 papers were in his home city.  So much for 2 day service.  I’m not certain if he’ll arrive on time.
They all have the same English skills.  HAH!  They all chose the option right below ‘fluent.’  Probably wishful thinking for a couple of them.   None of the students have any pre-existing health issues, and no one has any food allergies.  I believe 3 of them are from upper-middle class homes, and the fourth student is wealthy.  The school report on the one with money says, nicely of course, that’s he’s lazy. Usually, school reports are glowing.

  • CHE-16, top 10% of his class, athletic, doesn’t like dirt, cats, spiders, or spicy food   He states he is clean and tidy, happy, enthusiastic, and likeable. He doesn’t like when people bother him.  He wants to be an exchange student to be able to write and speak English.  Other reasons for coming include to grow and mature, learn our culture, and have a good time.
  • ELI, 18, average student, likes golf and tennis. He wrote that he is nice, polite, clean, organized, self-reliant, with a low tolerance for frustration. He doesn’t like personal mistreatment. Eli wants to be an exchange student to learn English, the people, and culture of the US.
  • IAN-almost 17, top 15% of his class, runner.  He wrote that he is open, educated, modest, funny, a dreamer, and always gets what he wants. His weaknesses are he always likes to be the best, and not show emotion. He wants to learn to think in English, he wants to learn and adapt to our culture, and become independant.
  • MIA-16, average student, likes to help others, enjoys volunteering, is a good person, with a  good heart, likes to help people, and is responsible and dedicated.  Mia wanted to be an exchange student to ‘open my world.’  She wants to share all she learns here when she returns home.  She wants to contribute to her country and help with all the new ideas she learns in the states.   She doesn’t like it when people lie repeatedly, and when people are arrogant. 

I have good impressions of  Che and Eli.  They comply with all requests, and are friendly and curious.  Ian is hardly on line, and doesn’t have strong English skills.  One of my other students told me that Ian is “really funny, a dumbass, but happy. He’ll be fine.”   Mia doesn’t understand anything in English or Spanish.  She may not be the brightest Crayon in the box, bless her heart.


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