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Sparky Update
08-01-07, 12:24 am
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It’s been three weeks since Sparky returned to his home country.  He’s back in school, and reconnecting with his friends. (translation: partying)  He was on restriction his first week home after he returned from a party at 11:00am.    His host brother, Jon, will arrive in 2 weeks.   Jon and Jen will both take down presents and clothing Sparky couldn’t fit into his bags. 

Sparky was mugged today in the middle of the afternoon.  2 kids followed him off a bus, one was in front of him, and the other behind.  They had a small gun.  They asked for his wallet and watch, and he gave them to the older boy.  Then the boy asked for his Ipod.  That’s when he rebelled.  That Ipod means the world to him-it has his entire life on it.  He punched the bigger one on the temple with all his strength and got his wallet back.  He was on adrenaline.  Later on, the risk he took sunk in.   He hasn’t told his parents yet.  I’m just grateful he’s okay.

The gift from a few posts ago is from Sparky’s parents.  He doesn’t know what it is either.  ~sigh~


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