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What to Bring to the USA
08-01-07, 7:23 pm
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What should your student bring, and what should stay home?

What NOT to pack

  • Don’t pack a lot of clothing.  Clothing is inexpensive here.
  • Don’t buy new clothes.  You won’t wear them.  The styles are different here, and you want to fit in.
  • Don’t bring more than 3 pairs of shoes.  Bring a pair of athletic shoes, and a few pairs for school.  Again, the styles are different here. 
  • Don’t bring towels.  We’ll just think it’s weird, and you’ll have wasted valuable packing space.
  • Don’t bring a year’s supply of toiletries. We have soap and aspirin here.
  • Don’t bring a lot of brightly colored fashion jewelry and hair accessories. 

What to bring

  • Temperatures in this part of the country vary from sub-zero F to over 100 degrees F.  Be prepared with a few pairs of shorts, and a warm jacket.
  • Bring a black suit if possible.  Black suits are very versatile, and many students already own one.  If you don’t have a black suit, bring a pair of black dress pants or skirt.
  • Bring a modest swimsuit.  “Modest” is important for both boys and girls.  Boys should bring long, baggy board shorts, and girls’ swimsuits should cover the entire breast and buttock areas.
  • Bring one belt,
  • Bring photos of your house and family, not just your friends.  People want to see what your home looks like.
  • Bring a digital camera if you have one, or money to purchase one as soon as you arrive.   Exchange students take photos of every-freaking-thing. 
  • Bring your teddy bear.  It’s fine, you’ll need a friend in the beginning.
  • Bring a journal.
  • Bring a dictionary, and a few favorite books in your native language.
  • Bring some of your favorite music.
  • Bring a picture book of your city or country.

The 4 photos are from J. Crew’s ‘build a swimsuit’ site.  http://www.jcrew.com/catalog/category.jhtml?id=cat210300


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