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Arrivals…and Not
08-10-07, 4:06 pm
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I don’t think Eli is going to make his Sunday flight.  His Visa application  is still pending.  I have a copy of an email to my Congressman from the State Department stating the ‘Consular office is verifying his eligilibility.’  He is eligible; someone made a mistake.  I’m not good at waiting.   Poor Mia was flying in with Eli, now she has to fly alone.  I hope she makes it ok.

Ian arrives tomorrow.  I received his itinerary yesterday.  His host parents are going to pick him up.  His counselor isn’t available on such short notice.  My counterpart in Ian’s country gave me the information.  I haven’t heard from Ian since he thought his 2019 was lost, and wanted me to trace it for him.  Gee, I assume he received his 2019 and US Visa if he’s leaving his country today.  I’m not going to drive 90 miles to the airport to greet him if he can’t even tell me when he’s arriving.  Yeah, he’s on the shit list, and he’s not here yet. 

Che arrives Sunday morning.  Husband and I are going to the airport to welcome him.  We’re excited to finally meet after chatting online for months.  Che’s host sisters are ready.  They’ve swapped bedrooms, and ‘de-girlified’ his new bedroom.

Edited because I can’t keep their damn fake names straight!  I thought all 3 letter names would be easy.


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