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Hosting Horror Stories
08-13-07, 9:19 pm
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I only have one true hosting horror story.  
 I have loads of stories about families, not the kids.  That’s why respite, emergency, and back up host families are necessary.  Stating the obvious, there are many goofy people who seem normal around here.  I’m not talking about failing background checks, I mean people who just shouldn’t have houseplants.   Such as:

  • Hostmoms who complain about doing a stranger’s laundry with their family’s washing.
  • Hostdads who enjoy swimming nude in the family pool in front of exchange daughter.
  • Hostparents who won’t give the student a key because they don’t want the kid in the house if they aren’t home.
  • Hostparents with marital problems who tell their exchange student all about their sex lives.
  • Hostbrother who blamed his gay porn on his exchange brother.
  • Hostparents who told a student if he wanted more than 3 showers per week, to bathe at school.
  • Hostparents who wouldn’t permit a Buddhist to keep her small Buddha anywhere in their home.
  • Hostparents who complain that they have to feed the student even when they aren’t home. (vacations, weekends, or when the hostparents aren’t home for meals.)  A lot of people are weird about food; some just don’t seem to keep much food in the house, others don’t realize how much a teen can eat.

Most student problems are easily corrected.  They are usually cultural differences.  Many have to do with hygiene.  The students in my program are well screened, and in most countries acceptance into the program is competitive.

My Horror student deserves his own post.  He was in and out of the country in 3 weeks!

Oh, and I called my doctor today about my vertigo.  They offered to get me in on Friday.  I waited from Saturday night to call Monday morning. GRRR.  I didn’t want to go to the ER just for an ear infection.  I ended up going to an urgent care center about 40 minutes from home.  (I drove slowly. Don’t tell anyone.)  They confirmed an ear infection.  I got a Z-pack prescription, a prescription for dizziness, and….a can of ginger ale!  Isn’t that sweet? 


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Students refused to clean their rooms, even their bathrooms, lied, spread vicious rumors. Accepted gifts, and never bonded with the family. Absoluletly refused to travel to family outings.

Comment by C. Frierson

host parents demanded a list of chores (clean room, dishwasher, mop, sweep, set table, clean up after dinner, clean bathrooms, vacum, etc..) to be done everyday did not let student go out aside from one night a week, limmited phone calls, babysitting host children five nights a week, cell phone taken away, to and from school everyday, threatened to send home if any of these rules were broken or they randomly deemed it nessacary

Comment by lisa

That’s horrid, Lisa. The student should’ve complained to her counselor or area rep. If that didn’t get results, her parents should’ve complained. This is a cultural exchange, not au pair service.

Comment by Wry

Lisa, an exchange student isn’t just a guest. They are living with the family and should be expected to do chores, just like any other member of the family. There are thousands of American children who are treated that same way by their parents. Plus, parents can’t send a student home on their own will. The only thing they did wrong, in my eyes, is threaten the student. That is pretty messed up

Comment by marissa

We recently hosted a student who lied constantly, ate HUGE amounts of food (we’re talking a 15 serving lasagna in one night), DIDNT KNOW how to clean, and she constantly shut herself up in her room on her computer which she wasnt ALLOWED to use but for homework and one a week for skype. she also constantly complained to school mates about how she wasnt allowed to eat when we werent home and how she had to do all the chores and how she even had to do our daughters work. all lies. she even attempted to blame our daughter for stealing $400 which we later found out was stashed under the exchange students mattress.

Comment by A. Carbone

I hosted 2 female students who started causing problems right after they came. Not only did they misrepresent themselves in their profiles, but they began complaining and lying about us to school friends and the counselor. They lied about finishing chores, stayed in their room, most of the time instead of interacting with the family, took off from school without letting the family know where they were or who they were with, one of the girls taking off with 3 guys. The other student claimed to be in love 3 weeks after she came, wanted to go out alone with her love interest, after being told she couldn’t go alone with a boy. The student who went alone with 3 guys lied about talking to her family almost every day, crying and complaining to her father, who in turn, would call the school and complain. Needless to say, I will NEVER host again.

Comment by Laura Ricker

You hosted two at the same time? That’s only permitted in rare occasions. If you host again, do it with a different organization.

Comment by wryexchange

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