Wry Exchange

Arrival and Departure Update
08-15-07, 7:17 pm
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Jon and Jen are leaving the states on Sunday afternoon.  I don’t know where Jon is, but he has to come here to pick up Sparky’s extra luggage and school transcript.  Jon and Jen are going to a sophisticated, conservative city-very different from here.  I saw Jen yesterday. She looked like the progeny of a deadhead and a Bratz doll. I blurted “Are you going to remove some of your piercings?” The kids are repeatedly told to blend in, their goal is to become one of us if in the states, and one of them if going abroad.  She has some blending to do.
Eli-Supposedly the State Department will have a decision tomorrow about his Visa.  My Congressman’s office has been very helpful.  My Senators’ offices-not helpful at all.
Che, Ian, and Mia-All here in the states, all doing fine and adjusting well.  Their host families are happy with them, all is good.  Knock on wood.


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