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Visa Vertigo
08-17-07, 10:26 pm
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Eli Visa update-The Bureau of Consular Affairs wrote the ‘application is still under administrative processing.’  His program director from his sponsoring country asked me to send one of Eli’s applications to Germany today.  Eli’s been accepted by Germany, and if the US consulate doesn’t grant his student Visa, he’ll still have an opportunity to be an exchange student near Dresden.  I thought this situation was going to be resolved by today.  It’s been 2 weeks, and it’s clearly a mistake. 

Vertigo ear/infection update:
Husband-“How do you feel today?”
Wry-“Oh, better!”
Husband-“Umm,hmm. Let’s see.”  He waved his hand quickly in front of my face.
Wry- “Ahhh! Motion sickness, I’m dizzy.”
Husband-“Yeah, thought so.”   
I went back to bed, and planned his funeral.  We have friends who own a large farm, and others who own a cemetary.  They’ve both said “Tell me what you want.  We have 100 acres and a backhoe.”

Jen & Jon-Husband and I said farewell to the kids today.  Friends are giving them a good-bye party tonight.  They’re leaving Sunday afternoon.  Neither student has ever flied.  I hope they have smooth, ontime flights.  They’re both nervous, excited, and scared.  I’m just glad they have Sparky to rely on.  He’s been homesick this week for the states.  I want to go visit Sparky during Jen and Jon’s year.


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