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Gay or Lesbian Exchange Students
08-20-07, 9:18 pm
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WordPress lets me know what search words people type in before they click to my blog.  Someone typed ‘gay exchange student’ today.  It wasn’t the first time, so I want to address the question.   My program sponsors and hosts gay exchange students annually.  I think exchange students are strong individuals who know there is more to the world than their small towns.   Many US teens who become exchange students feel ‘different’ or that they don’t fit in.
  We advise gay students that they may be more comfortable in Europe, but the students who have chosen South America have had great experiences as well.  I don’t know about Asian countries.  We advise the students to be discreet, the same as we do with students who are very religious.  We want the kids to blend in to their new homes. 
 I can’t think of any openly gay or lesbian students that we’ve either hosted or sponsored while on exchange.  The students may come out after they go to college.  We keep the student’s secret.  I try to introduce potential outgoing students to older gay students so they can learn about potential difficulties in specific countries.  Note: I previewed this post with a few of my former students.   One suggested that you not mention it to host families who may not be understanding. (This same student’s parents don’t know yet.)  Someone in the country should be trusted, your counselor or other adult.  He also said it’s more difficult to make friends, but it’s also easier to make friends.  If you choose to tell your new friends, you’ll find out if they are your real friends or not. quickly.
Update 8/30: Since this posted,  I’ve had one or two search engine referrals daily for ‘gay exchange student.’  That’s a lot, especially for a blog that averages 75 views a day.  I’m not sure what to tell you. I’m not an expert.  People go on exchange for different reasons.  Most US students go between high school and college for a fun year.  Just make sure you aren’t running away from something, you should be looking for something.


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