Wry Exchange

Travel Problems. Again. As Usual.
08-20-07, 6:23 pm
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 No updates about Eli’s Visa over the weekend.  His application is on it’s way to Germany.  We don’t know what else to do, or how long he can wait before he commits to Germany instead of us. 

Jon and Jen left yesterday for their exchanges.  Their flight was over 2 hours late getting in to Miami, so they missed the flight out of the US.  The good news is they have all of their luggage.  They spent the night at a hotel, and spent is the correct word.  No one from United had the ‘authority to give a hotel voucher.’   Grrr.  It’s not easy to argue at midnight if you’re a scared 18 year old.  I tried on the phone, but had no luck either.  They are supposed to take the receipt to United when they check in tonight for their flight.  Jen has been checking in every few hours.  They are enjoying the day in Miami Beach.  People from my program offered to chaperone them for the day, but they felt they would be ok on their own.

EDIT: They arrived Tuesday morning.  They are happy, and so is Sparky.


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