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08-23-07, 8:56 pm
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Outbounds-Jen and one of my unnamed outbounds both have some homesickness.  They felt better when I assured them it’s normal.  Unnamed outbound has been keeping in close contact since she left the states.  She may even get named soon.   Jon is driving Sparky crazy.  Jon is like a bouncy puppy, and while the two guys are close, they’ve never lived together.   A few of the other outbound students have set up blogs, and I am very impressed with their writing.  They express themselves much better than I do.
Inbounds-All quiet. Our orientation is Saturday. The kids will all get to meet each other.
Waiting inbound-Poor Eli is still waiting. I sent out one final round of emails today.  Hostmom sent emails out too-she even sent one to Dick Cheney.  I loved that!  I finally spoke to one of my senator’s reps today.  I’m not sure how effective she’ll be; her email signature states her job title is ‘casworker.’  Eli’s Visa has been pending for three weeks.
Me-I couldn’t sleep last night, even with Lunesta.  I’m nervous and excited about orientation.  I’ll be happy to meet all the students.  This will be the first orientation in many years that I haven’t planned, organized, shopped for, and directed.  I have no responsibility on Saturday.  I resigned as our program’s inbound student coordinator.  I loved my position, and want to return some day.  Our program has gone in a different direction in the last year, and I needed to step back to keep my sanity. 
I wouldn’t say I was anal, but I had a great attention to detail.  Wanna laugh?  I’ll give you an example.  The students arrive with varying English skills, and strong accents.  It’s difficult to communicate this first weekend.  We have them play sporting games.  It burns off energy, and we can observe the students while they play.  We divide the students into 4 teams.  I designed a new t-shirt annually, with the teams and the kids’ names on the back.  I bought men’s and women’s styles, and asked the students for their correct sizes.  I had 4 coordinated colors so they’d photograph well.  I divvied the teams apart according to language spoken, world geography, and living distances here.  I kept the students apart from the above so they’d get to know each other.  It also made it easier for us to tell the kids apart.  If there are only 3 girls on the green team, and they are from Taiwan, Argentina, and Denmark, it’s pretty easy to know who is whom.   I made and attached name tags to the t-shirts, and had them folded and ready to wear.  I miss doing all the preparing.  (I did all the t-shirt prep at home so no one knew how much time I put into it.)  I enjoyed it.  I don’t garden, play cards, or go antiqueing.  I lack the Martha Stewart gene.  Student exchange is my hobby.  Husband loves it, too.


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I think that you should give unnamed outbound a name lol, I want to see what you come up with haha.
Let me know how the orientation goes! I really wish I would have went to it as an oubound…
but I look forward to it next summer. Did you divide the potential oubounds in a certain way, or just give them a shirt?

Comment by M

The potential outbounds are just randomly placed for the most part. They are not put on the same team with anyone they know. They also go on which ever team’s shirt fits properly. Some Rebounds join the games, but most enjoy hanging out more. Unnamed outbound will receive a 3 letter name if deemed worthy. 😉

Comment by Wry

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