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“Soft Denial”
08-24-07, 7:23 pm
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 Doesn’t ‘Soft Denial’ sound like a romance novel? Or girly porn movie?  Nope, just part of Eli’s Visa saga.  For the last 3 weeks, it’s been ‘administratively delayed.’  My Congressman’s immigration specialist has been very helpful.  This morning, she called and said ‘It’s a soft denial.’  She said she’s never heard that term used before.  I googled ‘soft denial.’  It “is a simple refusal to issue a visa based on the paperwork submitted. These denials can be overcome by submission of additional documentation at a subsequent consulate interview.”  I think it’s code for ‘I hope you just give up and quit asking.’
 Momma needs a drink. maybe 2. 
Tomorrow is our orientation.  All of the students, host parents, and counselors must attend as mandated by the State department.  Let’s see how many families and counselors don’t show.  I’m guessing over a third.  Last year we had almost perfect attendance.  The people who don’t attend tomorrow’s orientation session still must be trained.  Someone (not me!) has to go to their homes and train them individually.  It’s a pain.
I’ve been trying to see advantages in not being in charge.  A big plus is I get to be myself, not ‘Queen Bitch.’  It’s difficult getting students who only get together once a month to be quiet, pay attention, or move in a timely way.  It’s like herding cats.  I yelled a LOT.  The adults milled around, and didn’t want to be mean chaperones.  We always had a lot to accomplish in a small amount of time.  I bought squirt guns for tomorrow.  I’ll have fun, and it’s a great ice breaker for non English speaking kids. Maybe I’ll squirt a few adults who piss me off.
Edited to add: Ohmygawd.  The people in charge have never emailed the hostparents.  I emailed my 4 hostparents a ‘save the date’ 3 weeks ago, and reminders.  The kids weren’t told to bring  passports,  landing cards, money to reimburse their SEVIS fees, or their cameras.

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