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08-26-07, 6:18 pm
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Orientation is over.  Everyone lived.  The program’s adults outnumbered the kids by over 2-1.  By now, you realize I live love to bitch.  However, since the adults are all volunteers, and I gave up my position of ‘Queen of the Universe’, I’ll play nice.  The t-shirts were nicely folded.  
I had a great time with the new kids.  I had them all to myself for over an hour at the beginning.  I missed the parent-counselor orientation meeting to chaperone the kids.  Someone had to chaperone them, you can’t just leave 15 students who just met each other standing in a parking lot. That’s not a very hospitable welcome.  I passed out squirtguns, and that broke the ice.  They had fun, and got to know each other a bit.  This is the smallest group we’ve ever had, and they all seem like good kids. 
Husband and I got to spend time with some of our former outbound students.  We love catching up.  Three of our favorites were at Orientation; one just returned from an interview at Harvard, the second graduated magna cum laude with a double major, and the third is donating a kidney next month.  Impressive!  (The organ donation deserves it’s own posting.)
We got Sparky’s gift finally.  My own fault for not being able to meet Ian before yesterday.  I opened it in the car, and started crying.  The damn kid sprayed his cologne all over everything, and it smelled like him.  He sent us his flag, because he just hated seeing large flags of other countries in his room, in his house.  I’m supposed to use his to cover one of the others.   He wrote a wonderful letter, too.  We miss Sparky.

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Hi there, I was an exchange student last year over the States, and I’m from South America. I don’t know how that matters, or how it would help you anyway, but it would be nice to discuss some ideas about the exchange program.

Comment by Portuglish

Thank you for reading, and discussions are always welcome here.

Comment by Wry

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