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20/2500 Uncorrected Vision
08-27-07, 12:28 pm
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 Coke bottles. That’s me.  20/2500 vision. I can’t even see an eye chart on the wall, let alone the big ‘E’, but I can see the wall.  I need my glasses.  I’ve broken four this year.  I try to keep 3 pairs in rotation, but I keep dropping them.  They are heavy, so they land lenses down.  When they fall, the lenses chip or scratch or the frame cracks.  I use glass lenses because they are more precise than plastic, and I need all the help I can get.  I gave up my contacts about 5 years ago.  I couldn’t see as well with contacts.  I typically replace a pair every year or so as styles change.  This is the first year I’ve broken glasses in a long time, and never multiples.  It’s an expensive whoopsie; about $400.00 each. 

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sorry to be a smartass, but…
lasic surgery
my momma got it like 2 years ago(she was just as bad as you are), and insurance covered it haha

Comment by M

Have you looked at ordering them online? http://glassyeyes.blogspot.com/

Comment by Katrina

OHMYGOODNESS. I was pretty proud of myself for buying frames from eBay, and just getting lenses. 39 dollars? I just ordered lenses for 2 pairs of glasses Friday. Thank you.

Comment by Wry

M, I should’ve included it in the post. I’ve looked into various surgeries. (We have a great opthamalogist, Husband has glaucoma.) The only one for me is a lens transplant. LASIK would only get me about halfway to normal vision, so why bother if I’m still going to need glasses, and readers? I’m a jeweler, and I can see close-up without a loupe. That’s a bonus.

Comment by Wry

My girlfriend hasn’t been to the eye doctors in about 5 years. She has Stargardts disease, unfortunately. Her vision loss has progressed over the years as it started at the age of 9. She has the same issue with reading a chart. She can’t even see it or the wall behind it. I really wish they would find something to stop the progression or help fix the problem, even if it doesn’t give a perfect vision. Anything better would be amazing. I hope you’re doing well.

Comment by Jeni

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