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08-27-07, 2:42 pm
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Is it a scent or an odor?
  I think Axe body spray is the work of the devil.  Some of the students must use a can a week of that crap.  PUKE.
It’s not uncommon to have a chat with your student about scents….or odors.   Almost annually, I have to say something about the amount of cologne students use.  The conversation is usually held in a car, with the windows down, and my head hanging out the window as discreetly as possible.  I try to tell FES that cologne should only be detected by someone hugging him.  I tell FES many Americans are allergic to perfumes, and we don’t use as much as some other countries.  I also tell FES it’s not necessary to reapply the cologne each time she leaves the house. 
We also have the hygiene speech. It was hot Saturday at Orientation, and some of the kids really smelled. I always talked to the girls at Orientation as a group before bedtime about hygiene, flirty behavior, and appropriate clothing.   The female night chaperone asked me what I used to say to the girls before lights out, but I don’t know if anyone spoke to the boys.   I gave Ian, Mia, and Che travel sized toiletries as part of their welcome gifts.
Have you noticed that your FES smells different from the rest of the family? When the kids first arrive, they smell different to me. I think it has to be diet, because the smell goes away after a bit. I can tell when the kids get sick though, they smell ‘sick’ to me.  I know it’s weird, and I can’t explain it.
Americans just don’t like to smell other people.


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I know what you mean, people here smell like BO most of the time, at least I think so.
they use stuff like axe only if they think they have to. they usually smell like cigarettes, since the smoking laws are so laxed, as they are almost everywhere in the world lol.

Comment by M

I understand. On the return flight from Amsterdam once, I spent the entire flight with my head jammed against the window because the man next to me smelled so horribly of stale cigarettes and BO. My neck’s never been the same since.

Comment by Wry

I had to giggle at this. In college, roughly 25% or so of the students were from Spain (we had a campus in Madrid, and the students could choose to attend in the U.S. instead if they liked). In the dorms, we had many “too much cologne, and please wash your nether regions” talks. We made sure they knew they could use as MUCH water as they liked in the U.S.

Comment by colorblindcupid

[…] you shower, or I’m tossing you in the pool with a bar of soap.”   See also my post Eau d’Exchange Student.  This is my second stinky student post. No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for […]

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