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Part 1: Where Should I Go?
09-03-07, 11:50 am
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What is most important to you?  This post is about your environment.  I’ll write about school, language, and culture in later posts.
 You will be on exchange for a year.  Once the excitement of a new culture wears off, you still have daily life.  What do you enjoy? What do you hate?  Personally, I couldn’t be happy in Scandinavia with short days, lots of snow, and the cold.   But I had a student a few years ago who wanted to go as far South as possible.  We sent him to Punta Arenas, the Southernmost city in the world.  He loved it.  He said it wasn’t as snowy as he expected, but it was cold and windy.  His nickname was El Gringo Loco.
Think about:

  •  Temperature, humidity, heat, cold, number of sunny days, length of days, and precipitation.  Southern hemisphere has opposite seasons, does that matter to you?  Does the number of  time zones away matter? 
  • urban city, small village, pollution, and population density.
  • Sports-do you regularly dive, ski, snowboard, run, or practice lacrosse?  Do you want to learn capoeira or rangoli?
  • Find out where you could be in a particular country if it’s large.  My program is an area-to-area exchange.   For example, Chile goes from the driest desert in the North to Antartica in the South.   If you were expecting snow and penguins, you’d be unhappy to have desert and penguins.  (Humboldt current means penguins everywhere along the coast.  Chef made me eternally jealous by swimming with the penguins once.)  Other countries have a centralized placing system with my program.  If you want to go to France, you can request Brittany, but there are no guarantees.


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    I got a blog 😀
    You should also point out that they should meet the people from that area. That can have a big impact on their choice to. But I dont know if you will mention that in a future blog. But after meeting the Brazilians here(cause there are like 30 of them), I really wish that I would have put it down as one of my choices, even though I would have ended up here, its hard to explain. But Im already in the beginning stages of making plans on going to Brazil the Springbreak or summer after I return home, even though thats a long time from now.

    Comment by m

    What organization do you work with? Does it require the students to pay large amounts of money to come here? I’ve become disillusioned with the one we’re working with.

    Comment by kat

    I want my blog to remain anonymous so I don’t want to publicly state my program. I will tell you that I wouldn’t dedicate a major portion of my life to something that wasn’t a true,nonprofit, one-to-one exchange. The kids don’t pay huge fees. Each country is different. Our kids pay for their passport, visa, plane ticket, and program fee. The program fee is under $1,000.00. It includes basic health insurance, and they receive a monthly stipend.

    Comment by Wry

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