Wry Exchange

M & Psycho Hostmommy
09-09-07, 10:01 pm
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 M, 17, is in Europe on exchange.  He’s been there almost a month.  He started coming to the monthly exchange student meetings last Fall and immediately fit in.  He looks like an angel, and is bright and inquisitive.  M has a great personality, he is well liked.  M knew where he wanted to go, and was studying the language.  M wants a new name, but unlike Sparky, didn’t suggest one.  I like ‘M’, like from the 007 movies. 
M’s having problems with his hostfamily.  Hostmom is the dominant person in the house, and she doesn’t like M.  Hostdad and siblings try to reason with Hostmom, but she has ‘issues.’  Mom is a hypochondriac and always in a bad mood.  Hostmom told M she’s hosting only because they have to host, since their son is on exchange to North America.  (Some countries have mandatory hosting for students’ families going out. Some countries don’t have a tradition of hosting for fun.)  Hostmom insists M understands her perfectly well, even though Hostdad and sister tell her that he doesn’t.  Hostmom told him Thursday she’s sick of him, he’s useless, and she wants him to move.  She said he doesn’t have enough friends, isn’t out of the house enough, doesn’t eat breakfast, and has poor table manners.  They live in a small town, so other people know he lives with the ‘weird family.’
Problems always seem to happen on the weekend when they can’t be fixed.  I’m really unhappy.  They kept the phone away from him when he wanted to call his counselor to arrange a new host family.  (He has a cell phone. Hah!)  He has a dinner meeting tomorrow with his counselor.  This will be his first meeting with his counselor. (Grr)  The hostparents are both away for the weekend, and left M with just his hostsiblings who aren’t home much.  Hostbrother doesn’t like him, and Hostsister is a bit slutty.  M didn’t attend his mandatory orientation, the family said they didn’t want to go, and it was too difficult for them to take him. (WTF) I really can’t do anything but advise him at this point.    I am not his counselor or the outbound student coordinator.  Someone from here should be advocating for M.  If they don’t help him, then Husband can step in.  (Politics)

Britney Spears big VMA ‘comeback’ performance was embarassingly bad.


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