Wry Exchange

Visa Denial, Part 296
09-10-07, 9:51 pm
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 Good news today.  The consulate phoned Eli, and asked him to express his passport to them for a Visa.  Hurray!  He doesn’t have to go for an interview, so this may finally be over.  I’m afraid to say ‘Mission accomplished.’  (It didn’t end so well for the last guy who made that pronouncement.)
Bad news today.  We’re losing one of our inbound students.  She’s been homesick since arrival.  She hasn’t improved any even with school beginning.  I don’t know if her exchange could’ve be saved or not.  I have had only a few quick internet messages from her since our orientation.  Other adults were in charge of her.  (Her counselor, country person, and the inbound coordinator.)
No news today.   M had dinner with his counselor, but with the time difference, I didn’t get an update tonight.  His country person and outbound coordinator are very hands-off.  It’s not my style to have the students take care of their own problems when they need help.  I think his counselor here will prod the others along.  She’s very worried.  I want to remain in the background for political reasons.  People are backstabbing like this is either high school, a prestigious position, or a well paying career.  I don’t get the people who don’t pour their hearts into the program.  Why bother at all?  Just go away or give up your leadership position.  Gee, bitter much, Wry?
Odd news today.  The garage next door caught fire.  I moved one of our vehicles, but didn’t have to move the Harley, thank Buddha.  Husband was scared when I phoned to ask ‘Which key is for the Harley?’  I hate motorcycles.  All the neighbors from 2 blocks around were watching about a dozen fireman who came in 3 firetrucks.  It was the evening’s entertainment.


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