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Stinky Exchange Students
09-12-07, 11:40 am
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 This is a case of ‘My country, my rules.”  You just have to tell the student to bathe daily, and use deoderant. (Yes, this is the counselor’s job, not the host parent, but how long can you go without screeching?)  You may have to tell the student to wear fresh socks and underwear daily.  Some kids will wear the same socks 2-3 days in a row.  We’ve discovered more than one student washing socks and underwear in the shower along themselves.  You may also notice the student is only giving you socks and underwear to wash.  Some people don’t wash their clothing as often as we do.   No one wanted to give the hygiene speech to one boy until his clothes smelled so bad that the stink went through his closet, into the closet of the bedroom next door, and out into the room.  That’s some strong b.o.!  Many of the kids are afraid our washing machines will damage their clothing.  They can either wash their own clothing, or get over it.  Marta the maid isn’t available to handwash their clothes.
It’s embarassing whenever I have to give the hygiene speech, but it’s a kindness.  The student won’t make and keep friends if people think he/she stinks. Be blunt so there is not room for misunderstanding.  Don’t try to outwait the student, you’ll lose.  We hosted a student who didn’t bathe for his first 15 days-he stained the furniture with his greasy hair.  The sheets resembled the Shroud of Turin.  (Think August temperatures.)  He said he ‘wasn’t comfortable’ yet.  Husband finally told him “Either you shower, or I’m tossing you in the pool with a bar of soap.” 
 See also my post Eau d’Exchange Student.  This is my second stinky student post.


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