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Speeding Tickets and a Favorite Blog
09-21-07, 9:33 pm
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Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual  is another of my favorite blogs.  How can you resist someone who describes herself as “I’m a multi-lingual bitch with much too high of an IQ to do anything incredibly worthwhile. Right now I’m La Femme Momita, raising a Genius Child.”  Irreverent wrote a post last week titled  Things your kid shouldn’t say to a cop.  Read it and sympathize.  

I get stopped for speeding at least twice a year.  I’ll receive a ticket about 20% of the time, and the officer almost always knocks at least 10 mph off my speed.  Other times, the officer asks for the story behind my personalized plates, and the rest of the time they laugh at me.  Why, you ask?  Because there is an exchange student in the passenger seat laughing so hard I get afraid they may wet their pants.   “I’m gonna tell Husband!!”  “Oooh, you’re in trouble!”  And being exchange students, the little bastards ALWAYS have a camera with them.  I do make them wait to take photos until I’ve spoken to the deputy or trooper to explain.  Yeah, that’s not embarrassing.  “Sir, do you mind if this foreign exchange student takes a photo of you talking to me, and of your cruiser?”

A few of the kids didn’t start giggling until I calmed them down.  They were seriously scared of the deputies.  I told them they would be fine, the officer only wants to talk to me about my driving.  They’ve worried that they would ‘get in trouble’ for not having their ID’s, or smoking.  I really don’t ever want to speed in their countries.


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I used to teach Survival Spanish to some of the officers – I had to explain to them that a lot of the hispanic drivers they’d pull over might think they were about to be executed, so to be a little careful about their word choices. For example, if they had to place one under arrest, telling them to get to their knees would be bad, as most would be preparing for the bullet in the back of their heads.
Yeah, no way I’m driving in El Salvador without a machine gun 🙂
Thanks for the shout out!

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