Wry Exchange

09-25-07, 2:31 pm
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US exchange students are stereotyped.  The girls are all slutty fashionista cheerleader airheads, and the guys are all huge dumb horny jocks.  Many of our students actually are band kids, drama rats, and people who know there is an entire world waiting to be explored.   Our students have to overcome Hollywood’s image of them, and prove themselves.   For some people, our students will be the first Americans they’ll meet.
Inbound students are sex-crazed, funny losers.  Sometimes they are depicted as nerdy geniuses with no social skills.   It’s so not true, but look at all the movie depictions of foreign exchange students.  Look at Fez from ‘That 70’s Show.’  The poor kid never even had a name.  ‘Fez’ stood for Foreign Exchange Student.   Many of the South American kids are asked if they live in trees, use money, or wear shoes.  Teachers have argued with students that they can’t possibly have DSL in their homes. 
When people meet exchange students, their perception changes.   They see that exchange students are individuals, not a stereotype. 
Personal note: I just finished cooking for 90 minutes making a ton of food, mostly to freeze.  I left the room for 30 seconds to type a sentence before I forgot it.  I heard a slurping sound, and feet hitting the floor.  The damn dog wolfed down half the contents of an 8×8 pyrex baking dish.  Dinner will now be roasted Doberman Pinscher.


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