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Inbound Update & Meeting
10-01-07, 7:32 pm
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We had our second meeting over the weekend.  It was a glorious, sunny day, and we spent much of it outside.  Eli was the final student to arrive, and he fit comfortably into the group.  Eli’s host-mom wants him to be more outgoing, but I didn’t see any shyness in him at all.  He teased and joked around all day.  Che chose not to attend the meeting, preferring to stay here for Homecoming.  (He said he had fun.)  Almost all of the students were at the meeting, including Eli’s host-brother.  Hostbro fit in well, too.  Maybe we’ll get him as an outbound student in a few years.   Ian is doing well, and is very happy with life in the states.  His Homecoming was last week, and he told me he danced the entire time. 
Mia is still a fluff.  She may turn into a problem for me.  I think she’s a problem for her host-parents now, but they are too polite to tell me.  She doesn’t have much money, but likes shopping.  She also wants to buy the best brands.   She bought a super expensive camera, but doesn’t have a winter coat.   I don’t want her to use her host-parents, they’re nice people who don’t deserve a spoiled brat.   Sometimes (bad) former exchange students tell the new ones to ‘let the gringos pay for everything.’  These aren’t the typical exchange student, and it’s an uncomfortable situation.  I hope she’s not like that. 
The kids all have cameras now.  Only a few had cameras at our orientation.  I take tons of photos, and put them on-line so they can share their year with their families and friends back home.  The host-parents and counselors enjoy looking at the photos, too.  I try to take one close-up of each student and many group shots.  Some of the kids don’t share their photos with their host families. They just don’t think anyone would be interested.  The photos go from memory card to pen drive; no one prints photos anymore.  It’s interesting to look at the background action once I put them on my computer.  I can see who is standing alone, who makes bored faces, and a lot I miss in real life.
Modesty seems to be a forgotten virtue.  One of the girls had a short skirt on, and I placed her hand on her leg before I took photos.  She doesn’t understand English well enough yet for me to joke ‘You don’t want a Britney moment.’   A guy had baggy shorts with boxers and accidentally flashed people.  Ick!  I don’t think I’ll stand below anyone while they are on bleachers anymore.  I asked another girl to put on different top or bra, as everyone could look straight down her skimpy, clingy  camisole.  No one wants to tell the kids, so they tell me to tell them, knowing I’ll say “put ’em away,” and give them a little talk.


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