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Can I Be an Exchange Student?
10-05-07, 10:34 am
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 Can you walk and chew gum at the same time?  You’re in.  Almost. 

There are many more students from other countries who want to come to the US than American students who want to be exchange students.  In my program, foreign students often compete to be chosen.  Here, our students may compete for a country.  For example, we have one placement for Taiwan, and 2 students.  Both students would be welcomed into the program, but one would have to chose another country.   We are a one-to-one exchange.  For every student that comes in, one goes abroad.

This is who we look for:  Flexible, tolerant, curious, quirky, unique, interesting students with a sense of humor.  Students should be in the top third of their class, but we will accept students in the bottom half with an explanation of poor grades.  We prefer students to go out after high school graduation, but  students may go anytime between the ages 15 and 18.5 at the time of their arrival in their new country.  Selected countries will accept 19 year olds who have recently graduated.

Notice I didn’t mention money?  Some programs will accept just about anyone with $10,000, but our program is more prestigious, much less expensive, and we encourage lower income students to apply.  We’ll assist students find the money to go abroad.  We want to make a difference in our students’ lives.
If you want to be an exchange student, apply!  You have nothing to lose, and an entire world to gain.

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