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10-07-07, 11:52 pm
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Logo How Many of Me? is a fun site.  How many people in the US have your name?  I entered several exchange student names.  Many first names had 0.  No one is named  Angelin,  Argus, Ceres, Clary, Cleber, Dimas, Eliska, Elodie, Fanette, Frantisek, Jairo, Lais, Manon, Maryse, Milou, Minou,  Ornella,  Palvi,  Quirine, Remy, Segolene, Sinead, Tanguy, Thais, Thiago, Yoanna, Ynaie, or Vikram according to the 1990 census.

EDITED to add: I loathe the new ‘name’ Nevaeh.  Why would anyone name their child ‘Heaven’ spelled backwards? Actually, why would you name a child ‘Heaven?’  All it means is the parents are idiotic trailer trash.  There is a difference between unique and yoo-neek. Learn it.


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