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Invisible Woman
10-12-07, 10:12 pm
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I have magic powers.  Husband, I, and our cars are invisible.  I can’t think of any other explanation for the many people that pull out from cross roads in front of us. 
Husband and I ate a late lunch at a large, family owned restaurant today.  After we finished, our waitress brought a box for leftovers, and disappeared.  We waited and waited, and never saw her again.  After 20 minutes, I asked the hostess to find her.  SHE WENT HOME.  Another waitress had to go find the bill.  Husband and I heard them talking “But I don’t know what they had.”   They found the bill, we paid and left.   This is the second time in a month this has happened to us!   The first time was also a late lunch-at Chili’s.  The manager came to us, and insisted the meal was on him because we waited so long.  We tried to argue that we didn’t expect a free meal, we wanted to pay.  
We’ve never been dumped by servers before, to have it happen twice in a month is really weird.   We joked that if it happens again, we’re just leaving. (too much residual Catholic guilt to really dine ‘n dash.)

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Ooh – that’s happened to us. You should take the free meal! We always get the waiters and waitresses that change the tip on the charge slip after we leave. Like, if we leave a $7 tip, they change the 7 to a 9 and run the charge. DH checks our receipts against our CC bill – it happens all the time. Cheaters! (and we tip 20%!!!)

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