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10-23-07, 2:55 pm
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 Note to self: Vicodin before committee meetings is not a good thing.

We took all the little darlings for a day trip Saturday.  I stumbled several times while walking on uneven sidewalks. (That’s my story.  I’m so clumsy I’ll trip over the carpet pattern.)  My back hurt like hell.  We did a lot of walking and getting in and out of the bus.  I took a vicodin on an empty stomach when we were done travelling.  See, bad things happen when I get awakened at 5-fucking-30am.

Our committee bylaws state to be a committee member, you first have to be an active member of the larger organization.  We had someone sitting in on our meeting, and he has been helping out with the kids.  He’s a nice guy, so I made a motion to make him an honorary member of the committee.  It was the first time he sat in on a meeting, and no one said anything to or about him for the entire time.  Poor guy just sat there.

Chair: ‘He’s already a committee member.’ 
Wry: ‘Er?’ ‘Wha…how long?’
Chair: ‘Ever since he started helping. I can do this according to our bylaws.  (not true, btw.)
Wry: ‘When were you planning on telling the rest of us?’
Chair: ‘blah, blah’
Wry: ‘Well, is there anyone else on the committee we don’t know about?’
Chair: long pause. ‘Well, not that I know of. haha.’

Chair and Mrs. Chair don’t like Wry.  It’s funny, they pretend not to see me.  They don’t make eye contact, or talk unless they absolutely have to.  We have very different viewpoints.  I think the kids are our customers, and we should make our customers happy.  That’s how we grow.  They seem to think the kids come and go, make the adults happy.  We’ve lost almost 30% of our ‘customers’ this year.  At this point,no one is happy. 


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