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Denim and Diamonds
10-26-07, 12:09 am
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 I volunteered for a Cattle Baron’s Ball fundraiser.  Dress codes like ‘Denim and Diamonds’ or ‘Fabulous Western’ are tricky.  This is what I saw, and my suggestions for the midwest.  
Denim & Diamonds

  • Women-dark dressy jeans, great blouse or top, and fabulous sandals or shoes-  Pile on the good jewelry.
  • Men-jeans, dress shirt, blazer.  Try for a little flair somewhere in your outfit.  A great shirt, fun pocket square, or a pin.
  • Denim & Diamonds, Western Style

  • Women-Any combination of the following:  jeans, denim skirt, or flowy black skirt.  Cowboy or riding boots. Western shirt, vest, or jacket.  Big, chunky silver and turquoise jewelry, concha belt,  cowboy hat.  I wore dark jeans, white cotton shirt, circle-braided belt that looks like a whip with silver tips,  black gaucho hat, and Cole-Haan Drivers.  (Hey, I had to stand all night.)  One of the best dressed women had a calf-length black skirt, loose black tank top with a low slung concha belt and flat boots.  No’s-t-shirts, cutesy sweatshirt with cowboy motif, embroidered denim jumper, sneakers
  • Men-jeans, cowboy boots, and one or more of the following: denim, dress, or western shirt, bolo tie, leather vest, cowboy hat, blazer or western jacket.
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    Jeans are not necessarly jeans if they are not women western jeans. These jeans will show every curvature of the woman’s body and that is what will drive the men CRAZY!

    Comment by wayne | DixieUp.com

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