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Happy Halloween
10-31-07, 8:26 pm
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  Husband and I love Halloween.  We decorate the front porch by wrapping yards and yards of black fabric everywhere.  Next is a layer of spider webbing, then the decorations-Bats, spiders, and rats.   Someone took a photo of the house tonight.  Several Trick-0r-Treaters told me ‘Cool house’, ‘Spooky house’, and ‘This is the best house!’  A father said he little princess was talking about our porch before they got out of the car.  The beasts did their part by occasionally barking like hell-hounds through the screen door.

Husband had to work tonight, he missed scaring the kids.  It’s a highlight of his year.  He dresses as The Grim Reaper, and sits very still in a corner of the porch.  I usually stand nearby to pass out candy.  The candy is on a table next to the Reaper.  He doesn’t move if little kids come up, but will wait until middle-schoolers get close and pretend to grab them.  Nothing better than a smart-ass 13 year old boasting to his friends that ‘I’m not scared, it’s just a mannequin’, and then squealing like a little girl as he runs from the porch.   Friends sometimes drop by to get a Halloween beer, and they’ll helpfully tell the kids ‘Sure, it’s a dummy, go ahead and kick it.  It won’t move.’ when he’s trying to hold still so as not to scare the hell out of a toddler.

It’s a damned lie that I kept all the Bottlecaps for myself!  🙂  The lab snatched a Milky Way, and he’s been carrying it around for an hour.  He likes the feeling of plastic crinkling in his mouth.


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