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Student Update
11-01-07, 8:09 pm
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  I haven’t given you all a student update lately.

  • Jen and Jon-The don’t see each other much, but their language is improving.  Jon doesn’t like to talk much, he just listens.  Jon grew up in a chaotic household, and isn’t used to structure.  He and Sparky each have their own circle of friends.  Sparky is trying to finish  up 3 semesters in one in order to graduate with his class. Jen made it through her birthday well.  They love exchange, and have recommended it to their friends.
  • Ian, Eli, and Che-Each is happy, loves his family, family is crazy about him,  popular in school, many friends.  Eli is catching up with the other inbound students, he fits in well.  He’s made many people happy just by being here.  All the aggravation with his Visa was worth it.  He’s a good kid.
  • M-Very happy with his second host family, instead of just being a temp placement, he can stay with them until after the holidays.  He has many friends, and travels a lot.  He’s much less stressed, and having a great time.
  • Mia-The problem child. She hasn’t broken any rules, so there’s no concrete reason to send her home.  She’s just sort of ‘blah.’  She isn’t working hard on her English, and doesn’t make an effort in anything that I can see.  Her host family is tired of trying, she doesn’t get along with her hostmom and hostsister-she just ignores them.  Nothing anyone says to her sinks in.  She seems oblivious to everything.  Her counselor has one week to remove Mia from her host family.  The family can’t stand the stress anymore.   There’s also the money issue.  She still never replaced her emergency money that she used to buy a $300.00 camera.  She wants the best, has no money, and expects the family to buy it for her just because. uh, no.

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