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Preparing for Bolivia Trip
11-06-07, 12:29 am
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 I’ve decided not to obtain a Yellow fever inoculation.  If you get a reaction, it comes 5-10 days after the injection. I’m leaving on the 13th.  I’m not taking any anti-malarial medicine, either.  I will be in areas where mosquitoes carry malaria and Yellow fever.  I tell my exchange students they should take precautions before they go.  I should be fine as long as I avoid mosquito bites.   So my plan is…hope? Avon’s Skin so Soft?
I’m supposed to bring tennis shoes and a swimsuit.  Sparky told me I’ll be doing ‘activities.’  I teased that I don’t do activities.  He told me I will, because I’ll be in Bolivia, and he’s in charge now.  I’ll miss his graduation party.  The party is on the evening I return home.  The party begins at 10:00pm, and my flight leaves at midnight.  I’m sad.  But, I’ll be there for his 18th birthday, and graduation.  (I bought the most gorgeous formal gown, too. Damn.) I called the airline, and the next available return flight isnt until 10 days later. 
 Oh well, more room to pack gifts.  I have another huge list of beauty products from Victoria’s Secret to buy, a car radio, digital camera, Reeses cups, DumDums, 2 books about my state, a bi-lingual visual dictionary, and candy bars made by a local manufacturer.
I’ll make presentations about our program to three different groups.  I’ll look for a service project that we can help with as a joint project between our two groups.  I’ll make a few speeches once I return home, too.


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