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Food and a Recipe
11-07-07, 11:12 pm
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 I’m preparing the house for my trip.  I’ve been cleaning.  Yuck!  I’ve grocery shopped, and washed all the blankets and comforters.  I’ve filled the freezer for Husband with homemade Chili, Sloppy Joes, ham, scalloped potatoes, and That Mexican Stuff, a family favorite.  Husband and our FES’s all enjoy eating this often.  I made up the recipe, and it never had a name, so we just call it that Mexican stuff.  

That Mexican Stuff

This recipe is forgiving, and I adjust quantities depending on what’s available in the pantry.

Ingredients: canned, drained black beans, cooked white rice, cooked corn,  ground meat cooked with an undrained can of chopped tomatoes and jalapenos, (edit: cook the hamburger, drain it, then put the can of tomatoes in and stir.) lots of salsa,  1 block cream cheese cut into small pats, shredded queso blanco or any type of cheese.  I use roughly equal amounts of beans and rice, and meat and corn, it always turns out well no matter the proportion.  Use regular rice, as minute rice gets mushy.  Use the cream cheese in the layer above the beans.

Layering: This can be layered in a roasting pan, or jumbled together in a crock pot.  Husband prefers layers, the kids like it messy.   Use the beans or rice for a base, then layer the rest, ending with salsa and then shredded cheese.  You may need to add some water to the salsa, and poke holes in the dish so it doesn’t lay on top.

Cooking: bake uncovered at 350 until top is browned.

The dogs have a new gigunda bag of dog food, a few boxes of Scooby Snacks, and 6 huge rawhide bones.  Husband is going to ask my father to come and visit with the dogs while he works.  I’m home most of the day with them, and they’ll be evil lost for 10 hours alone.   My dad likes the dogs, and he enjoys hanging out here.  I can’t walk without the dogs trotting behind me.  Every time I stand, they stand.  I walk, they walk. I stop quickly, and they pile into me.  It’s my entourage.

I’m saving cleaning off the kitchen table for last.  Things go to our kitchen table, grow roots, and never leave.  Whenever it’s cleared of everything, I take a photo for our former FES’s.  Looks weird when it’s empty.


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My kitchen table looks like that. When we have company I shove it all in a box. On the rare occasion I actually go through it and put everything away, husband comes home from work and usually utters, “Holy Crap! The kitchen looks great!” It actually scares him I think.

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