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11-07-07, 1:28 pm
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Husband asked ‘Are you nervous?’ tonight about my upcoming Bolivia trip.  I answered ‘no’, and got nervous.  It hit me that quickly.  I have never been away from Husband or home for three weeks before.  It’s more than 3 weeks actually, it’s 25 days.  OHMYGAWD. OHFUCKME. 
 I have ‘issues’, as you know from reading the left ‘about me’ part of the page.  I have depression, and also dissociative disorder.  Part of dissociative for me is I know when I’m not rational.   I understand why people talk to themselves.  The normal, rational part of my brain tells the crazy part to straighten up.  I’ll be arguing with myself until I board the plane.  The whiny part will want to stay home, and come up with myriad reasons excuses, and the strong part will say ‘Go, have a great time.’
    I don’t have other personalities like Sybil. 🙂 I just think of my brain as compartmentalized, and put different issues in different drawers.   I’m like the crazy cat lady who talks to herself, only with dogs.

From the Mayo Clinic:  People with dissociative disorders chronically escape their reality in involuntary, unhealthy ways ranging from suppressing memories to assuming alternate identities. The patterns of dissociative disorders usually develop as a reaction to trauma and function to keep difficult memories at bay. Up to 7 percent of the U.S. population may experience a dissociative disorder in their lifetime.

From the Cleveland Clinic: Dissociative amnesia — This disorder occurs when a person blocks out certain information, usually associated with a stressful or traumatic event, leaving him or her unable to remember important personal information. With this disorder, the degree of memory loss goes beyond normal forgetfulness and includes gaps in memory for long periods of time or of memories involving the traumatic event.    (I have huge memory gaps!  That’s for another day.)

Heh, heh-I Googled ‘crazy lady’ for an image for this post.  Ann Coulter’s photo popped up.


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Okay – the Ann Coulter thing was funny. She’s so whacked. Newsweek has this “inappropriate” meter thingy (forget it’s title) and she was on it a couple weeks ago. They said that though her comments/behavior were the worst of the group on their list, she didn’t “win” this week because you can’t win if you’re actually trying to. LOL

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