Wry Exchange

11-13-07, 11:22 am
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 Less than 4 hours to leave home for 3.5 weeks.  I think I’m ready, except for leaving my husband for so long.  We’ve been married almost 30 years, and have never been apart for this long.  The longest we’ve been apart was 2 weeks when I chaperoned a bus trip.  Either he really loves me, or is happy to get rid of me.  

I don’t write about Husband much on here, since this is mostly about exchange students.  He volunteers his time as much as I do with the kids.   We’ve worked with exchange students for 20 years.  He enjoys preparing the outbound students, and I like helping the inbound students. 

Husband and I are really different, but we complement each other.  He looks like a cool biker, and I look like Gidget.  He is analytical, unemotional, has a great memory, will try anything at least once, and thinks 3 moves ahead of everyone else.  Uh, that’s pretty much not me.  Husband is the strongest, most competent man I know.  He can build a house from the ground up, and would win if he was on Survivor.  His motto is ‘Losing is not an option.’  We share the same warped sense of humor, and outlook on life.   I love Husband.  I tease that I’m really going to miss the dogs, but it’s mostly so I don’t start crying like a wuss.


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