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Wry is in Chile?
11-15-07, 10:17 pm
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 Tuesday: I am sitting in Dallas, waiting for my Santiago, Chile flight. WHAT? What happened to Miami to Santa Cruz, Bolivia? I can’t connect to the internet, so I don`t have access to the news. (Pissed me off. Something isn´t compatible between the airport’s free wifi, and my laptop. Husband disabled something when he was with me at the first airport and got me online to send an emergency email out to everyone whose schedule I changed. Husband didn´t have his readers on, and doesn´t know what he did. Scream! Actually, it’s kind of funny. I just texted my ass off instead. ok, rant over.) Apparently, the Bolivian air traffic controllers are on strike, and American cancelled their flights for the next few days or so. The reason seemed a little fluid.

They couldn´t rebook me at the ticket counter, they told us we had to call an 800 number to rebook ourselves. We left the airport, expecting to eat lunch, and return home. We never got out of the car. I was on the phone about a half hour transferring up the food chain, and finally got a flight out. They gave me options to fly to Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Lima, and I suggested Santiago. They said ‘sure, and we´ll get you out Thursday morning morning on a partner airline to Santa Cruz. Why a partner airline can fly into Bolivia, and not American is beyond me. Whatever. I’m flexible, and weird occurances don´t throw me. I went back to the counter with my new itinerary. I called several people I know and love in Chile, and have someone to pick me up at the airport in the morning, and I get to spend a bonus day with them. I´m so happy I am able to get out today. Husband took the day off work to be with me, and mentally I’m ready to go. I was afraid if we went back home, I´d just crawl under the covers.

My bags weighed in at 51 and 53 pounds. Yay to American for letting me slide them through anyway. My carryon bag is over 60 pounds, and I´ve been dragging it through airports. It´s too heavy to carry far. I have extra gifts, and they’ll go to my Chilean families. I also grabbed several magazines and a few other goodies.

Update: Still sitting in Texas. The plane is broken-the ailerons aren´t working, and they´ve decided to bring in a new plane. We should be leaving 2 hours late, unless they decide to put us in a hotel.

Next update: I guess the new plane idea didn´t work. We`re going to stay in Texas, me and 199 of my new friends. I really feel bad for one couple, they were going to Chile for the wife´s father´s funeral, and they´ll miss it. Other people are severely inconvenienced, but that couple is heartbroken. American is printing out vouchers for the hotel, dinner, and breakfast for all of us. We`re going to to stay at the Gaylord (?) hotel, and American has 3 busses for us. Good thing I followed the advice I’ve always give the exchange students to take a change of clothing and toiletries in your carryon.

Final update: I´m in my room at the Gaylord. Holy crap! It´s fantastic. It´s dark, and I can hardly see anything, but I´ll check out their website later. It`s in Grapevine, Texas. The hotel is built around a huge atrium, and seems to include lakes. There is a humongous Star of Texas at the top of the glass ceilinged atrium. It´s a lot of stone, very Westerny, and has oodles of shops and restaurants along with a conference center. I finished my day by blowing my $20.00 meal allowance on fresh berry bread pudding with creme anglaise and whipped cream with iced tea. It was my first time ordering room service. I am from Appalachia.

OK, one more: I´m fucked. Somehow I can´t get to Santa Cruz Thursday. I am thrilled to spend more time with loved ones in Chile, but it´s rude to the Bolivians. I can´t get out of Chile until Sunday. American doesn´t seem to have many partner airlines, and the flights are all booked until Sunday night. We went through the whole rigamorale of Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, etc, and I´m flying through Lima. I would´ve had to wait even longer to get a direct flight.

Good night.


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