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Saturday already?
11-17-07, 8:47 pm
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 A one-day strike of workers demanding back pay caused cancel of all flights at Bolivia’s busiest airport on Wednesday.
Employees at Viru Viru International Airport in the eastern city of Santa Cruz called a 24-hour strike to demand two months’ of back pay frozen by the government. President Evo Morales’ administration has placed a hold on the funds while investigating allegations of corruption at Viru Viru.
Among the flights canceled was American Airlines’ Tuesday night-Wednesday circuit from Miami to La Paz to Santa Cruz and back to Miami. That was me.

Thursday night we stayed in, and swapped photos on our computers, and just hung out and played with the dogs. Friday, Daughter had a meeting, and son an exam, so their mom and I ran errands. She doesn´t speak any English, but we get along so well. We went shopping after doing all the wife-work. Last night, Chef and I went to meet with one of my current exchange students and his host parents. Their son is in the states. Chef laughed as we were leaving. He said he loves helping me by translating for the new parents, and he doesn´t even need to ask me the question before he answers. He´s 26, and says they all ask the same questions each time. How is my baby? What about this problem at school? Can the school really send him home if his grades aren´t good enough? Does the host family understand my child? Will he have to move? It´s cute.

Today, we got up early to go to Santa Cruz. Chile, not Bolivia. Santa Cruz winery is owned by a wealthy, wealthy man. He has 2 museums, and we went to one with the history of Chile. I have loved Easter Island since I was small, and today I got to see a real Moa. I hugged it. Daughter works for the Santa Cruz winery. She manages it´s retail and hotel operations.

Chef handed me off to P. I am spending today and tomorrow with P and his girlfriend. She is whipping that boy into shape! It´s funny, she´s changed him, and he´s more mature. Husband said ´Oh, like you did with me.´ yep.

I called and confirmed my flights from Santiago to Lima, and Lima to Santa Cruz. They are a go! I´ll arrive in Bolivia Monday morning.


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