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Santiago to Santa Cruz, the Long Way
11-21-07, 2:14 am
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  Typed Sunday night, posted Wednesday.

Sunday was a lazy day.  P and I slept in, went out for empanadas, and watched a little soccer with his girlfriend.  I confirmed my flights online, and learned I´m going from Santiago to Lima  to La Paz to Santa Cruz.  Chef and Daughter picked P and I up to go to the airport.  The day went to hell when we made it to the check in counter.  LAN couldn´t find my ticket, they asked me to go to the American Airlines counter to get a proper ticket, and then return.  We cut in line at AA, they printed out a ticket.  We all went back to LAN, they said it was the wrong ticket.  After much discussion among supervisors, we all went down to the American counter, including the LAN agent.  The American agent printed out the correct paperwork, and problem solved.  Um, no.  Since I´m flying within South America, the luggage restrictions are different.  I can carry liquids on board.  However, I can´t take more than one suitcase, and my weight limit is 20 kilos.  Hmm.  Huge problem.  I gave away all of my magazines, my Ipod, a bottle of wine, a dress, other clothes, a lot of candy, almost all the Christmas decorations, and some soaps and body lotions.  In four days, I ADDED two purses, a wallet, changepurse, a hand decanted bottle of pisco, a bottle of brandy, a strand of black pearls, and a small figurine. The weight was maybe a bit lighter. The LAN and AA supervisors decided I could take my second bag since it wasn´t my fault I was in Chile. But LAN had to be paid, and AA wouldn´t pay them.  I had to pay LAN five dollars per kilo for them to print out a boarding pass.  Chef and I yelled to P and Daughter to stuff as much as possible into my carry on and my laptop bag.  AA will reimburse me $163.00 when I return to the states.  That mess took over 90 minutes.  I had to run to make the flight.  We barely had time to hug before I hustled through security.  I´m writing this on the flight to Lima.  When I sat down, the flight crew welcomed us to the Santiago-New York flight.  I about died.  But it´s fine, the plane is stopping in Lima on it´s way to New York.  I´ll have an hour layover, then board the flight for the next 2 legs.  My bags are checked through to Santa Cruz. I arrive at 5am in Santa Cruz.  I hope they just put me to bed, and go about their day.  I will be a babbling idiot by 5.

PS.  AA credited my frequent flyer account 20,000 miles for Tuesday´s fuckup. 

Chef and P both told me I was dumb for not getting the yellow fever and malaria shots.  Too late now.


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