Wry Exchange

The Chicken Flight
11-21-07, 2:31 am
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  About Monday, written Wednesday am.

I was in three time zones Sunday night-Monday morning.  My Lima stop was 2 hours.  The main floor of the airport is modern with restaurants and upscale shops.  The bottom level is cheesy.  The gates are portable.  Each airline has moveable tables, rope lines, and signage that they move when their flight takes off.  It´s funny to see.  A LAN employee went around to people with large carry ons, and gate checked them.  Remember how we stuffed my bag in Santiago?  It was so heavy, I dragged it behind me.  The bag didn´t make it to Santa Cruz with me.  However, about 100 cartons of about 4-5 dozen peeps arrived safely.  They all came out on the baggage carousel, and all you heard was ´cheep, cheep, cheep.´  My bag was found later, and nothing was missing.  We were all happy about that.

Husband misses me, and so do the dogs.  One of our dogs has developed a limp, but he forgets sometimes.  His leg isn´t swollen or cut, he´s just looking for sympathy.  He can jump and chase bunnies just fine.  His father does the same thing when he wants attention.  I do miss home a lot. 

When we arrived at Sparky´s home, we chatted a bit, the family went to work and school, and I slept.  We all had lunch, then toured the school, and picked up my bag.  I had a dinner party Monday night that was very swank, and came back here and crashed.   Sparky´s not a warm, huggy person, so I´m feeling a bit homesick.   Another stereotype shot down-a cold Latino.  Bad Wry.  Good night.


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