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Pumpkin Pie, espero
11-22-07, 7:32 pm
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 Jon and I made a pumpkin pie for an exchange student party tonight.  We bought the pie plate because pie isn´t too popular here. Sparky yapped that I wasted 60 Bolivianos on the pie plate.  We enjoy fighting with each other, and I really miss him.  I yapped about something else to him, forgot what I was venting about, and started over.  

 I brought the can of pumpkin pie mix with me.  I don´t like pumpkin so Husband always makes the pumpkin pies, and he enjoys making pie crust.  We phoned for directions.  Butter? no.  Shortening? no.  Ice water? no.  Rolling pin? doll size.  Baking powder? no.   It may or may not turn out, but it´s been in the oven for 90 minutes.  We also made a huge pan of macaroni and cheese.  Every FES likes macaroni and cheese.  

It doesn´t feel like Thanksgiving.  Husband is working, Sparky is being tutored, and the kids are watching ‘The DaVinci Code’, not football.  And it´s really hot and humid here.  I´m having a great time.   Jon, Sparky, and I went to El Centro to walk around markets today, and I also thoroughly explored the supermarket.  I love grocery stores in other countries.  A lot of US food is available here-Dr. Pepper, Gatorade, Heinz ketchup, Jif peanut butter, Oreos, Doritos, etc.  

My ear infection is back, that´s why I was pissy the other night.  I think I just needed a hug.  I was homesick, and missed Husband.   Husband says I can´t sleep with him when I get back, because he and the dogs have new sleeping arrangements.  They are sleeping 3 abreast with Husband in the center. 

Tonight´s party is at my program counterpart´s home.  She has invited all of my former students along with the current inbounds.  She´s making three turkeys.  It starts at 7 o´clock, Bolivian time.  I think we´ll get there between 8:30 and 9:00.  Bolivian time is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy different.  Like we tell the kids ´It´s not better, it´s not worse, it´s just different.´  Two of my former students met me at the airport with a sign welcoming me.  They wrote the slogan at the bottom.  We repeat it often to them in hopes they repeat it to themselves in times of stress and homesickness.


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