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Just another Saturday in Bolivia
11-24-07, 8:30 pm
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Sparky is at a concert, Jon is at another exchange student´s home, and the rest of us are at the house.  We returned today from Samaipata, and it was a 3 hour trip for probably 60 miles.  It rained all night, and the roads were muddy.  Samaipata is in the mountains, the Andes mountains.  The road is narrow, without many guardrails.  The rocks seem to be partly shale, as some of the hillside flaked off, and the road was washed away in spots.  There were also car sized rocks on the road.  So steep, slippy, roads with hairpin turns, huge potholes, and no seat-belts.  I may rethink this whole agnostic thing if I keep travelling here.   The streets and roads in Samaipata were dirt, and had deep ruts.  There wasn´t any way to get to the ruins.  Up until about 5 years ago, people were permitted to walk on the ruins themselves.  We did go to the archaeological museum, and saw many photos and exhibits.  I was tickled by one case.  It had Inca pottery, and was dated 1436 BC.  Not 1400 BC or 1500BC, but a precise 1436.

We stayed with Jorge´s family at their lovely home, and went to a concert by a famous guitarist at the town´s main church.  The musician is Pirai Vaca .  I never heard of him, but he was fantastic.  Husband would´ve loved listening to him.  I bought a cd, and it´s going on everyone´s Ipods.  Vaca´s mic had feedback, and he kept playing with one hand while the other shielded the microphone.  It was amazing.  I took a picture inside the church of a statue, it looks exactly like ´Buddy Christ.´

Today is P´s birthday, and I couldn´t get through to him.  Husband called for both of us.  We saw burros, chickens, dogs, and pigs loose and walking along the roads.  The horses and cows were tied in front yards.  We drove past street markets selling loads of coca leaves along with produce.  I´d like to try it once.  It´s supposed to be good for altitude sickness, so maybe it´s good for vertigo from ear infections.  Just a thought.

  That´s it for today, I´m tired.


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Be careful! Coca Leaves are washed in contaminated water, usually. 90% of sewage in Bolivia goes right back in the water.
(I Love Bolivia, anyway!!!)

Comment by Renfield8

Thanks! They told me that coca leaves are tough, and you have to really chew them to break them down, and it’s tough on your jaws. They also said that they are jagged-y and it’s easy to cut your mouth. They also told me it tastes bad. Still, I would’ve liked to try it once just for the experience, and being able to say ‘I did it.’

Comment by Wry

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