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My Ugly Gringa Moment
11-27-07, 11:03 am
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From Reuters:  In the opposition stronghold of Santa Cruz, the country’s economic powerhouse in the east, residents rallied in the main square on Monday and voted in a public forum to authorize a civic committee to declare autonomy.
Flanked by the Santa Cruz mayor and the regional governor, Branco Marinkovic, a leader of the Santa Cruz secessionist movement, said the afternoon rally gave him “a mandate” to begin the autonomy process.

There will be a strike Wednesday in Santa Cruz, no one is supposed to go to school or work.   I worry for Sparky, his family, Jon, Jen, and the other Cruceños I’ve met.  The Cruceños and Morales are headed for a showdown, and it seems to be coming soon.  Neither side will ever back down.

This is for Husband and my friends:  I was rude last night.  Shocking, right?  We were idly talking about mosquitoes, and Sparky asked me I wanted him to get rid of them.  I teased ‘how’, and he went and got insecticide.  Do you remember that old insecticide that came in the hand pumped, aluminum sprayers?  The smelly stuff that little old men would spray while wearing masks and gloves outside?  It now comes in a yellow plastic hand pump, and SPARKY SPRAYED IT IN THE HOUSE.  LOTS OF IT, IN ALMOST EVERY ROOM BUT MINE.   I couldn’t hide my reaction.  My throat was swollen and sore, and I had an immediate headache.  The diarrhea came later.  The irony is I went to sit outside to breathe while the fumes dissipated, and got tons of new mosquito bites.  I can still smell the bug spray now.   Sparky nonchalantly told me ‘Everyone uses it.’


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